We urgently need 3 and 4 bedroom properties in the Perranporth area in particular for the 2015 season. We are already having to turn customers away due to a large increase in bookings this year leaving us short on availability. Call us now on 01872 571575 for more information and discounted commission rates for this year.

Maximise Bookings

Here are just a few things that you as the owner can do:

Keep decoration and furnishings ‘neutral’. This doesn’t mean it has to be plain or boring by any means, people love quirky properties! However, interiors appearing to date from the 1980s or older, will lead many potential customers to simply dismiss your property without even reading the text. Out of date interiors, even when immaculately clean and of the highest quality and in perfect condition can raise suspicions of under investment, even though this may not be true.

Keeping on top of the décor and redecorating at the start of each season goes a long way too. Peoples’ standards are very high these days and a lot of guests expect a better level of comfort and higher standards than their own home!

Be careful not to make it too personal to yourselves with things like family photographs as guest can feel uncomfortable and like they are intruding in someone’s home.

Prepare an information/welcome booklet/folder. A K Holidays provides an information pack to all guests but it nice when the owners have made something up too. It doesn’t have to be pages long, but things like the property’ history perhaps, or some interesting information on the local area, old photographs of your property or the local area can also be very interesting to guests.

Have a visitor’s book that guests can write in, it’s nice for other guests to read about the great holidays people have had at your property, and likewise, I’m sure you’d like to hear about it!

Follow these tips and hopefully you'll see an upturn in business and you'll be able to maximise bookings.